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Few Best Valentine’s Day Android Apps

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If you and your Valentine both are social media freak then on V-Day you might find lots of Valentine’s Day messages filling up your timeline. In this case, you probably need privacy, and Couple app will let you and your Valentine interacts, share photos and videos alone. Once you are on Couple, you can even plan many things for future and save them in the ‘Calendar’ option. List the things you both like to do on this special day and share it with each other. One must say that Couple is like a virtual love place for a really romantic couple.
Price: Free
Download Couple

Red Stamp Card

Make your Valentine feel special with a card which is written and chosen by you only. Gifts may be a great idea but a card and that too a personalized one is something which you will also agree, is unbeatable. Try Red Stamp Card app and create your own card and then share it with your Valentine of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can even email or text it. The another option is to attach a photo of both of you and then turn it into a romantic card, and that is possible with Red Stamp Card app.
Price: Free
Download Red Stamp Card

Heart Live Wallpaper

If you have not made any plan for Valentine’s Day till now but still want to feel about it, then don’t worry. We have found out a great app for you which will make you able to decorate your phone with unique and live wallpapers. You can customize the background and also the heart image which will do according to your wish. You can even add a countdown timer to Valentine’s Day. Select some of the great colors available and make it more attractive.
Price: Free
Download Heart Live Wallpaper

Love Poems

Want to convey her something romantic but not been able to put all the words together or lack creativity? Don’t worry, get Love Poems app from Android and get the best love poem which you probably have never heard or read before. You can just send the choice of your poem to your Valentine via text, email or even Twitter. So, make your feelings more poetic with Love Poems app.
Price: Free
Download Love Poems


As they say, music can say a million words, and there is no better occasion than Valentine’s Day to speak those million words to your loved ones via a great music. Select an upbeat, funny, slow or romantic and iHeartRadio will get it delivered for you. Not only smartphones, this app also supports Chormecast so you can put the music on TV. Make the icon bigger while playing the romantic music and the effect will be more.
Price: Free
Download iHeartRadio


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